How To Be Slim

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Some hints:

“I’m fat because I have a slow metabolism” – Fatter people actually tend to have faster metabolisms. In most cases, overweight people simply eat more due to higher appetite. The key is to find ways to take in fewer calories, without feeling like you are starving yourself: eat more protein and cut out bread.

“Calories consumed are not always digested fully” – foods that are high in calcium tend to block digestion of fats that are in the stomach at the same time.

“Portion size affects how much we eat” – when you double the portion size given to an unsuspecting test subject, he’ll tend to eat about 45% more.

“Keep a food diary” – whip out your phone and snap a picture of everything you eat, just before you eat it. The mere act of becoming conscious enough to record your eating makes you much more likely to eat well.

“Learn to appreciate mild hunger” –  if you’re just slightly hungry, imagine that your body has moved its suction tube from the usual “stomach” setting, over to “stored fat reserves”. It is now a positive challenge to maintain this mild hunger as long as possible, because you want to keep that suction going for many hours each day.

“Weightlifting is the world’s best Fat Vacuum Cleaner” – it takes more than 4,000 calories to build a single pound of muscle. But as a beginner to weight training, a person can trigger over one pound of lean muscle gain with a single full-body workout.

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