You Can’t Cure Obesity With Bigger Pants

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“Our next example is a thirtysomething man who is busy advancing his office career. His metabolism isn’t automatically keeping him slim anymore like it did at age 18, and he doesn’t have time to exercise. He has started to gain weight, to the point that his favorite office pants are now getting tight at the waist.

What’s the solution? Does he buy bigger pants? This would solve the immediate problem of belly pinching, and allow him to get on with more pressing matters, like continuing to perform well at the office, right?

My solution is the opposite: put those damned tight pants on and keep wearing them. When they bite at you, it’s a reminder to take the stairs instead of the elevator, eat a piece of grilled salmon instead of a chocolate bar and bologna sandwich, and to start walking and biking more. Those tight pants are your biggest ally in addressing the underlying problem – if you give them up, you’ll be allowed to forget what the real problem is: your lifestyle has become unhealthy…”

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